Company Profile

HMJ Zoo Design

Our Mission

HMJ Zoo Design helps the global zoo community to efficiently execute their master plans. This is done by designing, planning and building outdoor zoo facilities at a highly specialized professional level in close partnership with the zoos.


We design for animal welfare, quality and sustainability of the project, taking into account all stakeholders and do so at a price that maximizes space and provides the best possible facility.


Why HMJ Zoo Design?

HMJ Zoo Design has been a corporate member of the EAZA zoo community for more than 20 years and today we are your one stop shop for customized exhibits. We operate with a highly digital value chain to enable long-distance collaboration, and with a strong focus on environmentally friendly solutions.


From design and engineering to final installation, we are actively involved in driving the process forward and we provide a frictionless experience and can act as a single contact point in terms of responsibility and budget framework.

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Why you should choose to work with us



With more than 23 years of experience within the business we have a great track record of fencing dangerous animals in the European zoo community, and will be happy to use our expertise to provide input and ideas for your project.



We use suppliers all over the world to provide a cost-effective, high-quality and customized product. Each supplier has been carefully researched, to make sure that they meet our standards of quality, workmanship and decent treatment of workers.



We have assisted more than 300 zoos across Europe in realizing their dream project for the benefit of the animals. We create value for the client by being a central, service minded hub in their netting projects, and using an economies of scale approach to aviary building.



We have a mission to be the preferred one-stop supplier for steel net related components and projects in the European zoo community, and adjacent industries and architecture.