Outdoor chimpanzee exhibit

Chimpanseanlæg - København Zoo

What we are doing

Copenhagen Zoo needed to upgrade the living conditions of their chimpanzee population, to be able to offer the animals a better life outside and to comply with the increasing demands of EAZA husbandry guidelines. Hence an outdoor exhibit needed to be established within the confines of a limited budget framework and a complex and compact urban setting.

HMJ Zoo Design was chosen as main contractor to drive the project forward in close cooperation with the zoo, during the different phases:

  1. Initial idea generation & sketching phases
  2. Providing architectural visualisations for awareness and fundraising
  3. Research concerning the safety aspects and EAZA guidelines of keeping great apes outdoors in an urban environment
  4. Planning phase, including engineering work & construction details
  5. Production and delivery of all materials
  6. Construction and installation
Copenhagen Zoo - chimpanzee enclosures

The raw details


Turnkey project: Design, engineering, planning & execution of all elements: Screw pile and concrete foundations, structural steel, cables, steel netting. Electro-mechanic and remotely controlled gates. Platforms and roof access features for animal training. Integration and protection of huge oak tree with conservation order. Ensuring compliance with EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for both chimpanzees and orangutangs. Ensuring stakeholders are represented in the design process.


January 2024 – June 2024


March 2024 – September 2024


October 2024


450 M2 – 30x15x8 meters, 900 M2 of stainless steel net

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